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 The NADC would like to share the following casting call on behalf of CSA

Calling all actors with disabilities – 

From: Tari Hartman Squire [mailto:tarish@mac.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017 4:18 AM
To: Tari Hartman Squire <tarish@mac.com>
Subject: Calling all Performers with Disabilities – Casting Society of America (CSA) Inclusion & Diversity Open Call in 10 Cities January 7 (and January 6 in Salt Lake)
Importance: High

Now is your chance to participate in Casting Society of America’s OPEN CALL for Performers with Disabilities –

On January 7th in Hollywood; NYC; Chicago, Atlanta; Berkeley; Richmond, VA; St. Louis; Albuquerque; and Idaho, plus Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday, January 6th, CSA members are holding an OPEN CALL for performers with disabilities.

At 10 am to 12 noon in each location, Deaf and hard of hearing performers will be given preference when sign language interpreters are scheduled. Check it out —

Thanks to CSA’s Inclusion & Diversity Chair Russell Boast; SAG-AFTRA; NBCUniversal Talent Infusion Programs; Gail Ford Williamson, Nina Genatossio, and KMR Diversity; Christine DeZinno Bruno; Inclusion in the Arts; Bill Pugin/The Sign Language Company; David Kurs/Deaf West Theatre; Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0; The Ruderman Family Foundation; Ellen Huang; Allison Shepherd; Anita Hollander; Eileen Grubba; John Lawson; Robert J Romani – it is great working with you to make this happen.

Here’s to authentic casting of performers with disabilities. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080944a4ab29a7f49-2018

This is the Disability Narrative Imperative at its very best ~
in commUNITY,


The NADC would like to share the following casting call on behalf of Optomen Productions.


“Employable Me”

Documentary producers at Optomen USA are looking for people with neuro-divergent conditions such as Tourette Syndrome, Aspergers or Autism who would like our assistance finding employment on the documentary TV series EMPLOYABLE ME.

EMPLOYABLE ME seeks to prove that having a neurological condition can be viewed as an asset rather than an obstacle in the workplace.

High profile companies and brands are beginning to discover the benefits of recruiting from the ranks of those whose “brains are wired differently.”

The job-seekers selected to appear on our documentary series will be encouraged to unlock their hidden talents with the help of experts and specialists so they can at long last find the job that best suits their unique skill sets and strengths.

Please visit our series page to view episodes of our TV series:


A diverse workforce can be great for a business and EMPLOYABLE ME wants to dramatically shake up the system to prove it.

Contact Liz.Alderman@OptomenUSA.com for more information on how to be considered for this opportunity.

Optomen Productions produces hundreds of hours of television each year for many of the major cable and broadcast networks including Food Network, Travel Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery and Bravo.  Our most successful series include Worst Cooks in America and Mysteries at the Museum.

 Visit http://www.optomenproductions.com/ for more information about our company.