Accessibility Hotline

Open Circle is pleased to provide some necessary tools to help arts organizations and communities to become more accessible.  OCT’s Artistic Director, Suzanne Richard, comes to this work as a former Accessibility Specialist and the National Endowments for the Arts as well as decades of experience as an actor, dancer, director, and producer with a disability herself. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Allow us to help you find the services you need for an event, a project, a performance or year round.  At varying prices and subscription levels, let us take care of advising you or answering your accommodation requests.  These prices are subject to negotiations in respect to the size and demand for each organization, program or production.

Remember that Accessibility is something you should be including in every budget.


Level 1 – Free Questions

At this level, a client can call our number and ask simple questions and utilize our list of service providers.

Level 2 – Answering Service

Level 3 – Solution Service

Level 4 – Subscription Service