Schedule Accessibility Consultation

Open Circle has dedicated itself to making the arts and community inclusive to all and we offer to share our expertise to do that.  What separates us from other accessibility consultants is our emphasis on making sure your facility, show, program or event is·accessible to artists with disabilities, not just to your patrons.  Prices suggested on our services below are subject to change in response to an entities size, budget and need.

Remember that Accessibility is something you should be including in every budget.

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Step 1:  Assessment Survey

Please contact us to purchase our Accessibility Checklist for $15  which will include an area that allows you to create a timeline,

Step 2:  Free Phone Consultation

After completing Assessment Survey and submitting it to us, we will schedule a time to go through your answers and identify the priorities in changes that need to be accomplished.

Step 3:  Onsite Consultation

For a $500 fee, we will visit your facility, venue or programming and complete an onsite assessment.  We will then begin to build a strategize with you to create an plan for change including an advisory panel, staff training, yearly reassessment, etc.  Additional participation will be handled as a contractor fee.

We look forward to working with you!