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Is There Anybody Out There?

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DC Theatre Scene Interviews Cast Members Jennifer Camp and Rob McQuay

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Excerpts from Previous Reviews

“[Suzanne Richard’s performance was executed] with “Stunning intensity. Watching Richard…it becomes clear that an actor with a visible disability is sometimes able to add depth to a role: vulnerability, strength or, in some cases, even a slight edge of discomfort for the audience that heightens the excitement of the performance.”

— The Washington Blade, July 11, 2003

“…the emphasis in every aspect of this production is on abilities and no accommodation need be made by a discriminating audience. This is simply a fine production of an intriguing piece featuring two marvelous performances.”, June 26, 2003

“We’re not casting people because they have disabilities-we’re casting people because they’re professional artists.”

— The Washington City Paper, June 27, 2003

“As an actress, Suzanne Richard doesn’t consider her disability a handicap.… ‘Disability can enhance a role . it can explore another facet of the character,’ she said.”

“[The] company’s focus ‘doesn’t limit the choice of plays at all,’ she said, ‘because a person with a disability can be anything and be anybody.’

— The Washington Post, July 8, 2003