Accessibility Consulting

Open Circle Theatre is committed to making the community accessible to all.  The staff and Board contain professionals with expertise in this field and experience at the National Endowments for the Arts, Audio Description Associates, and other organizations and advisory boards.  Believing that social change starts with the arts, we assist the arts community in making their venues and programming more inclusive and bring inclusive arts programming and expertise to the community in general.

To that end, we offer:

  • A range of consultation services for facilities and art spaces.
  • An Accessibility Hotline available for a free, one-time conversation and further services handling accessibility requests from and for arts entities on a subscription basis.
  • Performances, panels, panelists and staff trainings that meet the needs of organizations, schools, and other entities exploring accessibility.
  • The ability to custom design a program on request to meet specific needs.

By sharing our knowledge base, we pledge to make art and opportunities open to all.

Steps to Accessibility

  1. Assessment Survey
  2. Free Phone Consult
  3. On-site Consult

Levels of Service

  1. Free Questions and Recommendations
  2. Answering Service
  3. Solution Service
  4. Subscription Service

Fundraiser Cabaret
Awareness and Inclusion Cabaret
School Performance
Panel/Keynote Appearances